about tri-state duct cleaning

I founded Tri-State Duct Cleaning in 2006 and dedicate my company to my sister Anne Marie Koerz who sadly passed away from ovarian cancer. Anne Marie was truly inspirational in my success. I wish she could have lived longer to see the fruits of our labor flourish and blossom into what our company is today.

In 2006, I decided to make my dream a reality – I studied and researched the air duct field prior to enrolling in classes in Washington D.C. I had training and many hours of hands-on experience, which was necessary because air duct cleaning was a relatively new field at the time. There were so many options as far as the quality of machinery to purchase. I ultimately decided on a negative air machine, whose vacuum pressure is 2,500 c.f.m. (cubic feet per minute). In general, with this amount of vacuum pressure, any dust, debris, vermin, or pet dander in the system is definitely coming out.

In 2007 I decided to bring a partner into my business. We operated under two separate LLC's, sharing the same company contacts and customers under the Tri-State umbrella. Unfortunately, after many years together we have gone our separate ways.

We are truly blessed to have on our team Javier Aguinada, a remarkable air duct technician whom I personally trained. Javier excels in all aspects of the air duct industry and is so thorough and liked by our customers. We love hearing about the wonderful job he is doing at our clients' homes. I've hired family in the past and was very disappointed with their work ethic compared to this family man. Javier has a wife and two young children.

Tri-State Duct Cleaning prides ourselves on our continued success and our core values of integrity, reliability, honesty, transparency in our pricing, and more important, customer satisfaction. We take our time and explain in detail the process. We are always available for additional questions and concerns.

Tri-State Duct Cleaning specializes in commercial and residential air duct cleaning. We are fully insured. We provide services throughout the entire tri-state region including but not limited to the Princeton, NJ corridor. Our past commercial jobs, to name a few, include police stations, hospitals, SPCA's and art museums in and around our home base of Bucks County, PA.

Anthony J. Koerz, Founder

Anthony & Donna Koerz
Anthony & wife Donna